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Do you have a Data Analytics Strategy? Here’s how to create one.

Are you building a Software-as-a-Service platform? Wondering what data is essential for your business? Time for a Data Analytics Strategy.

A Data Analytics Strategy is an essential part of your Business. Do you have a Data Analytics Strategy for your business? When your main business is in creating Software-as-a-Service, data collection is something that you should be building into your products from the start. But what do you actually need to start collecting and what […]

Authority Magazine interviews ANDRS’ founder about the future of work

Recently Caroline Vrauwdeunt - ANDRS' founder and CEO - was interviewed by Authority Magazine to give her thoughts on the future of work.

The future of work and the workplace Recently Caroline Vrauwdeunt – ANDRS’ founder and CEO – was interviewed by Authority Magazine. They reached out to successful leaders in business, government, and labor, as well as thought leaders about the future of work to glean their insights and predictions on the future of work and the […]

Powerful Ideas Need World Changing Views

In a troubled time, powerful creative new ideas pierce the darkness & paradigm shifts happen. It helps us to create meaningful change.

Creative Ideas In a Troubled Time In a troubled time, creative powerful new ideas pierce the darkness and paradigm shifts happen. It seems creativity plays an important role here and helps us to create meaningful change. A great and well-known example of such a powerful idea is the relativity theory of Albert Einstein. Physicists proved […]

What makes remote teams tick…here’s some myth busting

Why did we decide for a remote team? When I started our first software projects with ANDRS, we hired skilled companies to do all of the design and development. We decided for companies in our proximity and contracted on project delivery specifics. These companies came with their own team in their own office. This construction […]

Why We Shifted From Projects to Software as a Service

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker In 2017 we celebrated 5 years of innovation. A lot has changed within those 5 years where we shifted from delivering projects to delivering you our brands’ software as a service. Here’s why and what that means for your business.   […]

ANDRS Projects sets up shop in Canada’s tech corridor

ANDRS Projects Europe & ANDRS Projects North America

Press Release – Kitchener, Ontario – Dutch founded ANDRS Projects has chosen the Waterloo area to call its home away from home. After soft landing in the region in 2015 and testing Canadian waters in 2016, the Dutch tech company – that builds brands that help their customers leverage the power of their stakeholders – decided […]

Why Santa’s born global firm is the future of business

Many companies go global, but that does not make them born global firms. Since we are in the spirit of Christmas let’s make a comparison with Santa’s global gift giving business, to discover what distinguishes a “born global” from any other global operating firms. Global focus from the earliest beginnings Born global firms originate internationally. […]

Proud Partner of Amsterdam Fab Lab – Europe by People

Europe is Made by People - Fab City | Map Your City

A Fab Lab in Amsterdam showed how Europe is made by People The Netherlands fulfilled the Presidency of the Council of The European Union during the first 6 months of 2016. Running during that same period a program called Europe By People showed how art & design can be leveraged to bring Europe closer to […]

Open Data – Founder Thoughts for the #GOOD16

GOOD Conference Caroline Vrauwdeunt – CEO and Founder of ANDRS talks about Open Data as part of the GO Open Data Conference 2016 in Markham, Ontario, Canada. GO Open Data (GOOD16) is a community-driven annual conference by and for the Ontario Open Data community. GOOD16 is a collaborative effort between civil society, IT professionals, bloggers, community […]

Innovate together with us in 2016!

Test, validate and modify You probably heard of “Lean startup” or “Value Proposition Design”? These are the guidelines for today’s generation startups that bring their creative and innovative solutions towards a scalable business. These smart creatives acknowledge the need to test, validate and modify their innovations in market reality and with help of existing key […]

CityAge: Build the Future Conference in Toronto

Building an innovation economy Caroline Vrauwdeunt – CEO of ANDRS! will be on the cast of CityAge: Build the Future on October 8 & 9 at the MaRS Centre in Toronto. Cities are where we must implement the ideas and partnerships that build an innovation economy: new ideas in transportation, energy management, economic development, and resilient infrastructure that […]

Map Your City – A treasure map for your community

a treasure map for your community

Map Your City: een zelfgemaakte schatkaart voor je eigen community “In iedere stad bestaan interessegroepen met behoefte aan een gebouw waar zij zich mee kunnen identificeren”, zegt Caroline Vrauwdeunt. Zij bedacht Map Your City, de app waarmee mensen in een community een sterk netwerk opbouwen rond een gebouw, en het pand zelf plus de omgeving in kaart […]