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We Create Engagement Super Powers

Our Brands Help Speed Up Innovation, Get Better Project Results, Create More Business Value

Community Focused

We get brands’ stories across. Bring projects to success. And help provide innovative solutions to any business challenge.

How? By focussing on the value of stakeholders.

Connected & Engaged

All our online platforms excell at connecting and engaging stakeholders. By inviting customers’ stakeholders into their business process they are able to:

  1. innovate faster
  2. get better project results and
  3. monetize the value of their community.

Passionate Innovators

Our international team passionately builds and grows our Software-as-a-Service platforms everyday.

We are honoured to be globally recognized as innovators and take pride in leading change.

Map Your City

Map Your City is a complete Destination Marketing platform that helps cities, towns and destination marketing organizations deliver world class destination experiences. It includes Location Management, Community Management, Content Management & Monetization options, and more.


Among the top 3 best rated Project Management apps in the Podio® app market, this practical Project Coalition Suite is provided under Creative Commons license. Three canvasses as action based hands on tools to build your project with others that help you in your future collaborations.

City Works

A co-creation platform for urban development challenges. Called “The Dutch company that is bringing the art of listening back into the city planning process” by Fastcompany’s FastCoExist – The Magazine that inspires readers to think beyond traditional boundaries.

GDPR Privacy Suite

We built 5 simple apps to connect with companies’ existing CRM on Podio®. A hands-on ready to use package for small & medium sized businesses. Among the top downloaded Project Management apps in the Podio® app market

A suite that helps companies being clear and transparent on how they use and store personal information plus document their supply chain and many of the processes.

“When creating try to step outside known boundaries or conventions. Nothing is crazy – really.”


Founder – Sales & Product

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”


Customer Happiness

“Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. ”



Got Talent? Wanna Play?

Lead change and work with us.


Celebrating 10 years of pushing boundaries and creating amazing solutions.