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Proud Partner of Amsterdam Fab Lab – Europe by People

A Fab Lab in Amsterdam showed how Europe is made by People

The Netherlands fulfilled the Presidency of the Council of The European Union during the first 6 months of 2016. Running during that same period a program called Europe By People showed how art & design can be leveraged to bring Europe closer to the Europeans. Amsterdam as the cultural capital inspired Europeans for over 6 months, by providing solutions for everyday living and being a canvas on which creatives and citizens could paint a picture of Europe’s future.

Proud Partner of FabCity

A temporarily built FabCity at the Java-eiland, as one of the elements in this program consisted of a self-sufficient society where young people – students, artists and professionals – work, create, research and come up with solutions for every day city problems.

With our Map Your City Mobile platform we were proud partner – providing students and young professionals the platform to map & share their Fab city solutions