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Innovate together with us in 2016!

Test, validate and modify

You probably heard of “Lean startup” or “Value Proposition Design”? These are the guidelines for today’s generation startups that bring their creative and innovative solutions towards a scalable business.

These smart creatives acknowledge the need to test, validate and modify their innovations in market reality and with help of existing key players. In this creative reality key players open their networks for and share their knowledge & challenges they are facing with startups. This is not only unbelievably important for the startup, but also a major factor for a thriving innovation culture, which the Netherlands wants to embrace.

Softlanding & scale-up in Canada

In Canada and the US this is much more embedded in the entrepreneurial culture than it is in the Netherlands. For good reason Dutch major cities are now looking towards the North American startup scene to improve their startup ecosystem.

With our startup Map Your City we are experiencing the value of an innovation- and network culture. We are currently starting some amazing projects in collaboration with partners who have opened up their networks, as it is advancing them in many ways as well.

The excellent Canadian startup ecosystem is helping us to soft land in Ontario and to grow our activities from there.

Innovate always

Also our online co-creation platforms continue to be found well and used intensively. With our elaborate tools and our urban reports we continue to help today’s and tomorrow’s community leaders in their collaborations.

But however young and innovative these platforms are, we keep on reinventing, adapting and improving them in our aim to deliver the best tools “to connect & engage”.

Innovate with us in 2016!

Maybe there is a dilemma that has been on your mind for a while, that you are looking to find a new solution for? Maybe you want more than another idea or concept? This might just be the right time to invest, with a commercial pilot or as a launching customer, in a startup with a market ready and scalable product!

Something worth thinking about. Let us know your innovation challenges for 2016. We would love to help you face them together.

You are very much invited to share your thoughts with us. Just drop us a note, for a coffee anywhere or a cappuccino in Amsterdam. We are always just a (Skype) call away 😉

The address of our Amsterdam office is: the Berlage Exchange (Oudebrugsteeg 9).