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City Works on Fast Company’s CoExist

Focus of international attention

Recently our Stedenfabriek was the focus of international attention with our startup activities. Our interview by Jeroen Beekmans on PopUpCity spiraled an unbelievable amount of international interest on what we aim to achieve.

Suddenly we found ourselves mentioned, shared and (re)tweeted and receiving an incredible amount of support. That is how US largest platform an magazine on world changing and innovative idea’s Fastcompany found us and Adele Peters did a wonderful piece on what we aim for and want to achieve with our newly founded business: This Startup wants to turn everyone into an urban planner

Proud as we are just quoting some parts from the interviews. But please take the time to read them, or add your comments on the different social media platforms.

In any project, the goal should always be about translating the wishes of the stakeholders–if you don’t do that, you might deliver a result that nobody is interested in.

In the midst of all this exposure, we are working very hard on some wonderful projects. And at the same time trying to satisfy our international followers and supporters building a translated website, tweeting @City_Works and posting in english on our FB-page