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The Complete Funding Guide to Help You Finance Your Startup

The Complete Funding Guide” for visionary founders

Grab our Complete Funding Guide to get an extensive overview of the funding landscape.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and insights needed to navigate the complex world of startup funding. The guide serves as your roadmap to navigate the diverse landscape of funding options, from bootstrapping and love money to engaging with angel investors, venture capitalists, and beyond.

Whether you’re at the early stages or gearing up for expansion, this guide is your indispensable companion on the road to funding success.

The Complete Funding Guide”The complete funding landscape and the tools to navigate it

How to start your venture

Discover how to kickstart your venture using your own resources or how to tap into personal networks as you explore the concept of “love money” or learn about angel investing.

Practical Funding Strategies

Learn how to navigate the venture capital landscape, from preparing for VC funding to understanding what VCs look for and explore using crowdfunding platforms or grants for scaling a business.

Manage Investor Relations

Learn how to craft a compelling pitch deck that captivates investors , understand due diligence, legalities, and what key metrics matter most. And find out what is important in investor relations.

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Raising money is not a milestone, it’s a stepping stone.”

Varun Shoor, Founder and CEO of Kayako

SaaS up Your Startup

Did you know our SaaS BOOT iQ is full of bite size knowledge buys to help start, grow and know your startup?