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A community map for the Belgian – French Eurometropolis

Building a digital community map for Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai. On the 26th of November iDROPS – in association with Reboot Stories and NEXT Festival – organized the fourth edition of LEARN DO SHARE in Flanders.

The Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai is the first bordercrossing ‘European metropolis’. In 2008 this cross-border program was set up to progressively erase administrative, political and cultural borders. Active citizens, creative entrepreneurs, thinkers and doers were treated to an action packed program in Kortrijk’s Creative Buda Center and joined in panel discussions and workshops around the following question: “What does your future city look like?”

We set up an interactive Design Doing Lab using the Map Your City App and enabled the Eurometropolis community to digitally map urban opportunities for the Future City of Kortrijk.

digital community map for the Europmetropolis