The future is Saas

Software-as-a-Service has become absolutely necessary to how modern businesses operate. Around 64% of SMBs now depend on cloud-based SaaS to boost productivity and drive growth. Regardless of size, the majority of businesses (88%) are seriously intending to invest in new SaaS applications within two to three years.

The unprecedented growth of SaaS serves as a proof of its wide adoption, from startups to international corporations. In 2021, the SaaS market was worth about $145.5 billion. As the various industries continue to move from in-office setups to remote and hybrid working, the SaaS market will continue to grow at a rapid pace in the coming years.


Are you creating something amazing? Better build it with us then.

So developing your idea into a SaaS solution is a pretty smart move. And who’d better to help you on that journey than a company that’s walked that road before you. We know what is takes to bring your platform to success. Having encountered all the pitfalls of raising SaaS brands we have got the experience that will benefit you.

Don’t believe the flashy high prized agencies when they say they know it all. Because we know they don’t know, we have been there.

Flashy Agency that says they know it all (but they really don’t) – via GIPHY


Having encountered all the pitfalls of raising SaaS brands we have got the experience that will benefit you. We know what makes SaaS tick.

We can help you out at various stages of your product development. From initial strategy to getting your product up and running like clockwork.

We have created some easy to understand packages that match any stage of your venture.

We’re not showing off, we don’t need to. We just want to be extremely transparent about what we do. And we want to make it as easy as possible for you to make your purchase decision or compare it to others.

Here are some of our packages we can offer you and your (future) SaaS brand:

☞ I. The Strategy Pack – € 2.500,- (ex VAT) | US$ 2,800.- (ex VAT)

A great start for those who are in the idea stage. We’ll start with exploring your idea and give you guidelines on developing a business model, how to get to a proper go-to-market strategy and testing the “waters”.

☞ II. The Prototyping Pack – € 4.800,-* (ex VAT) | US$ 5,400.- (ex VAT)

If you’ve done all that initial strategy thinking – it is time to think “product”. How will your market proposition be translated to a consumable product. What will that look like, what should it include. We will create a prototype of your product for initial market validation and testing. A model that is also a valuable tool for negotiating funding for your project.

☞ III. The Early Stage Pack – Costs depending on development request.

You’ve got the idea developed into a prototype, learned from testing and got your development steps ahead funded. Now is the time to build the real thing. We help you build a maximum lovable product without breaking the bank.

In- or outside the box – We can help you build it.

Like to know more or have other needs that don’t fit the box? Do contact us and we’ll see how to best help you out. Why don’t you send us a message (hit that pink little button in the right side corner of your screen) and let us know about your cool project you are working on. We love to hear about it.

Talk soon…don’t forget to check out some of the frequently asked questions too.

Caroline Vrauwdeunt

CEO/Founder of ANDRS Projects: An innovator who believes innovation can only arise from collaboration. Her life’s motto is “Collaborate or Die”.

Often asked questions

We are pretty far away from Amsterdam – how do we collaborate?

Not to worry, we have got you covered. Since we’re not (stuck) in one place either, everything will be set up online. We’re used to that, it’s how we work.

What happens after I contact you?

We’ll ask you a few questions about the stage of your project – and you can ask us some too ;). We’ll let you know how we can best help you and if you agree we’ll send you our proposal. In it we’ll clarify some details with regards to your project specifics, we’ll add steps to take, planning estimates, and hour breakdowns.

What happens when I would like to collaborate with your company?

When you agree to our proposal – you’ll sign it and send it back to us. Depending on the package you’ve agreed to, there will be an advance payment request for a part of the total sum owed. We’ll set up an online collaborative environment to work in and together we’ll start planning the things we’ve agreed to.

How do I protect the intellectual property rights to my product or project?

When you agree to our proposal – you’ll also sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement (MNDA). This regulates all your rights to your product and ideas. You pay us to help you validate and build your product, we do not own any of your ideas or the product that we build for you. Unless of course we agree otherwise.

Where can I find your Terms of Service?

Any dealings with us as a contractor, supplier or customer are governed by our General Terms of Service or Purchase Terms. You can find more info and those terms here.