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ANDRS Projects Europe B.V., Amsterdam, NL - +31 (20) 893 2550 -
ANDRS Projects North America Inc., Kitchener, Ontario, CAN - +1 437 887 5053 (CAN) or +1 (646) 355 1349 (US) -


ANDRS Projects was founded in 2012 delivering project management and consultancy services focussing on stakeholder collaboration. Right from the start our innovation roadmap led us to develop innovative collaborative software based products and receiving international rewards and acknowledgement.

Founded in Holland

ANDRS refers to "different" in Dutch. Our playful hands-on collaborative approach is what sets us apart. Our strong vision - to connect people to their communities, cities & towns - is what binds us together. Our dedicated team of rockstars works on our brands from three different global timezones, our offices are located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Kitchener, Ontario. In 2017 we celebrated 5 years of innovation.